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How to Open HEIC File?

To open HEIC file you need a software which can read and display High Efficiency Image File Format or use an operating system which has built-in support for it. Below is a list of operating systems which can natively open HEIC files.

  • iOS starting from iOS 11 can store and read HEIC files.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 starting from version 1803, build 17123 can open files in High Efficiency Image File Format in Photos app.
  • Android starting with Android P has native support for encoding and decoding in High Efficiency Image File Format.

How to Convert HEIC File?

If you don’t want your iOS device to produce images in HEIC format you can disable this in iOS Settings as described in our HEIC file conversion page. On this page you can also read what to do if you have files in HEIC format on your iOS device and you need to convert them to JPEG.

Does HEVC provide better compression than JPEG?

Yes, HEVC format used to store information in HEIC and HEIF files provides better compression. On average on all tests HEVC compressed content 139% better than JPEG, 118% better than JPEG XR and 44% better than JPEG 2000.

What HEIC Means?

HEIC is short for High Efficiency Image File Format with HEVC encoding.

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HEIC Quick Info
Description: High Efficiency Image File Format
Encoding: High Efficiency Video Coding
  • image/heif
  • image/heic
  • image/heif-sequence
  • image/heic-sequence
HEIC file opens with
  • iOS Photo App
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Android P
  • Adobe Lightroom CC 2018
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018